Who are we?

We are TerraCore Technologies, an IT company from Belgrade, a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, designers, developers and so much more.

Our Story

In 2021, we started our adventure, and now, a year later, there are already over 20 of us - with the same desire and goals as in the beginning. With a lot of experience behind us, a new TerraCore adventure has begun, an adventure which has been prepared for several years.

Today, we are a young team of flexible, collaborative individuals. In addition to a great working environment, we want all our employees to enjoy their day-to-day work at the office and encourage them to be responsible and conscientious.

Finally, when you put together a happy team, a great atmosphere and heaps of knowledge, you get amazing projects and fantastic results that make us really proud.

Our story

Where everything started...

Mission, vision and values are what keeps us persevering and continue to grow in the same direction. Our founders had a clear plan from the very beginning, and the same ideas move us today.

Working with us image

What’s it like working in TerraCore?

We take our work very seriously and we try to be responsible towards it, but also towards each other. We perfectly separate work from fun and we try to give the maximum in both fields, every time.

We are very flexible and try to provide our employees with everything they need to be more productive. We strive to provide all the perks our team members need so they can do their job the best they can.