We push the boundaries of software development

TerraCore Technologies offers a wide range of services, from the development of sophisticated software solutions to e-commerce websites. The company was officially started in March, 2021, but our story is much longer…

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A few words from founders

Dušan and Svetozar have been cooperating since their early youth. Through various joint projects in the previous years, they’ve set the basis for the establishment of a new company - TerraCore Technologies.

They saw a chance, believed in the right timing and created a company that keeps pushing the envelope in IT while making a meaningful and measurable impact

Svetozar Belić

Chief Technology Officer

The technologies we deal with represent the future of the industry. With TerraCore Technologies, we have established a foundation that will provide investment and growth opportunities in several areas.

Dušan Tašin

Chief Executive Officer

I saw an opportunity to use the industry's high growth and innovative technologies to shift and step up our business, creating a work environment where people can learn and reach their full potential.


Our mission is to create a working environment where our employees are satisfied, motivated and content that allows them to grow their individual skills and reach their full potential. Our team will continue to push boundaries and scale our customers' businesses while providing their end-users with a seamless user experience.


When it comes to our vision, we aspire to become pioneers of many trends in the IT industry, recognizable by our strong team and innovative projects.


TerraCore Values


None of us is as smart or as creative as all of us. Teamwork is the heart of great achievement.


Communication is the real work of leadership and an essential tool for achieving a strong and successful organization.


Curiosity is the engine of achievement and the key to creativity.


Essentially, commitment is what transforms a project or an idea into reality. Without commitment, nothing happens.


In the world of IT, there is no success without innovation. Innovation is change that unlocks new value.


If you play small, you stay small. There is no space for growth in your comfort zone.