Focus on people

One of the postulates of TerraCore Technologies is the focus on our employees. We believe that only a satisfied employee can give the best results and it is up to us to provide all possible conditions. We carefully choose the people we work with and that contributes to a great atmosphere in the team.


The thing we like to do within the company is to make sections and clubs, and of course, each of them is accompanied by a logo that marks it. In fact, clubs are actually groups where we agree on the topic to which it is related, so we decided to make them official.

Terra Fit logo


A club joined by people who train (most of the company). We send each other training results, apply for competitions together, and often organize running or football and basketball to play with each other.

Terra Fit
Terra Edu logo


We want to grow and learn together so that’s why we support every form of additional education. Each of our employees has the right to request a course or attend a conference in the field of expertise in which they work and that is covered by the company.

Terra Edu
Terra Food logo


We wrote a blog about how much we love food and what it means to us. Lunch is a special part of the day for us, and in addition, we often bring different meals that we enjoy together. Food is important to us and we pay a lot of attention to it.

Terra Food
Terra Building logo


No, it's not our building (although we have a plan to build one), it's our hanging out time. The atmosphere in the team is very important to us, and when hiring, we make sure that new people fit into it.

In addition to helping us achieve business results, it also makes it much easier for us to socialize and come up with cool team buildings that we can all enjoy.

Terra Building


We believe that our main benefits are people and projects. By people, we mean all the relationships between the team, the quality and knowledge of the employees as well as the willingness to help in any situation. The projects we are working on are fully ours and we work on them from scratch. You never have to correct someone else's codes or analyze the work that has already been done.


24 vacation days for each team member

5 days for "sick day" per year that are not treated as sick leave

Taxes and contributions on the total amount of salary under the employment contract

Paid lunch by the company every other week

Always available refreshments in the form of coffee, water, tea ...

Private health insurance

Equipment for work


Team buildings on a monthly basis

Inspirational, impactful and long term projects

YoloBook photo album per season

Relocation transport for employees

Using TerraCore GoPro camera

What we are guided by in our work


There are no stupid questions

We pay a lot of attention to communication in the team and we believe that, on average, 9/10 of internal problems in teams are caused by poor communication.

We cultivate a culture of openness and we prefer when our team members ask, even if it is something that may sound silly in their head.


Don’t overdo it

We encourage our team members to assess themself well and how much they can do in some situation, organize well and plan. We know how important mental health is and how easily a burnout can happen, we even had a campaign about it.


Prioritize things

Priorities are great. We appreciate multitasking and navigating it, but it's better not to have it. Determine priorities and the level of urgency for each. We, of course, appreciate more if our team members finish one thing at a time, than work on 3 things simultaneously and not finish any.


We are always open to ideas and innovations

We want to grow every day. One of the reasons why we employ carefully is that we believe that we should grow with our employees, their ideas and innovations. We are always open to hearing new ideas, what is good and what is not. Feedback is a tool for how we become better, and it is a two-way street in TerraCore.