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Welcome to TerraCore Technologies!

We build the future of Development

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Building a better future for our clients, colleagues and communities

TerraCore is a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, founded to create an environment for talents to develop, while ultimately providing the industry with innovative, creative and flexible solutions.

We are a bond between cutting-edge technology and markets latest needs

Get to know our services and processes. Find out more about what we do, how we think, and what processes we use to deliver the best value to our clients.

Technologies TerraCore

Agile approach

To be adaptable and effective as a team, we created an Agile system and processes, which helped us build Agile culture and mindset.


We love microservices because it helps us with better scalability and increases development productivity.

Docker Containers

TerraCore team builds quality software at a fast pace. That’s why using docker containers enables us faster software delivery cycles.


We use Kubernetes to reduce development and release time frames and increase flexibility in multi-cloud environments and scale resources and apps.

End to End solutions

Building software architecture, product design, UX/UI and Front and Back development is what we do, and what we are great at.


Continuous integration, delivery and deployment have enabled us to release value to our clients on a more frequent basis without compromising on quality.

Ready to be a part of an ambitious and growing team?

We are always looking for talented people who share our vision and values. If you are looking for an opportunity to work in a great team on innovative projects, take a look at our open positions and apply.

A glimpse into TerraCore world!